Business update!
As I’m sure many of you are aware, we have struggled for a long time now trying to get cake decorating supplies in stock, and have a constant battle trying to compete with online companies.
Sadly, as a very small business we are now buying in stock at a very similar price to what the general public can buy online for. Unfortunately, we can’t take the hit anymore with the rising costs in every other aspect of business.
Having spoken to a lot of regular customers about our situation many of you have already said how hard you are finding it to cover costs as cake makers, and are taking on a lot less orders to focus on more important things in life. Sadly, that’s what we are going to have to do too.
So that brings us to the very difficult decision to stop selling cake decorating supplies and put our focus elsewhere.
It has been an absolute pleasure assisting you for 5 years with your cake making journeys, but we will still be here with just a new focus.
We will be selling cake decorating supplies for a short while longer, but we aim to stop this by September.
We look forward to seeing you over the summer and hopefully beyond with our new venture.
Details of the new venture to follow .
All my love
Sarah and the CCC Team xxx